"Replicants are like any other machine.
They are either a benefit or a hazard.
If they are a benefit, it's not my problem."

Harrison Ford in Blade Runner

Dr. Mario Gleirscher
Research Associate in Robotic Software Engineering
Department of Computer Science
University of York

Research Interests & Recent Results


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Contact & Directions

Deramore Lane, Heslington
York YO10 5GH, UK
T +44 (0)1904 325442
Office CSE/106

Profile in Brief

  • Passionate about logic, algebra, modelling, philosophy, and writing
  • International experience in software engineering research and teaching
  • Worked full-time in aeronautics and software industry
  • Experience in research & technology transfer
  • Fan of outdoor activities, travelling, and healthy cooking
  • I like modern jazz (e.g. Jan Jelinek, Snarky Puppy) and (not too) modern art (e.g. Albin Egger-Lienz)
  • Formerly skiing instructor, amateur in mountain biking and table tennis

Funding, Awards, & Affiliations
Current research in collaboration with Prof. Radu Calinescu on verified controller synthesis for collaborative robots, funded by LRF's Assuring Autonomy International Programme. ♦ Developer of YAP, a domain-specific analyser and synthesiser. ♦ For my research on risk handling in autonomous machines advised by Prof. Jim Woodcock and Prof. Ana Cavalcanti, I was awarded a DFG Research Fellowship at the University of York ('17-'19). ♦ Our study of static analysis tools in practice got a best paper award at the 4th Software Quality Days 2012 in Vienna. ♦ Previously, postdoctoral researcher in software and systems engineering at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), advised by Prof. em. Manfred Broy ('15-'17) ♦ MSc and PhD degrees from TUM.

Academic Leadership and Citizenship

Reviewer for international journals (e.g. CompJ, Computing, CSUR, FAoC, JSS, SoCP, SoSyM, STTT, STVR) and conferences (e.g. HSCC, ICECCS, MODELS, SAC, SAFECOMP, SPLC); see .

I am supporting the improvement of career perspectives and working conditions for young researchers, and co-chaired KAR4WIN@INFORMATIK'20, the 1st WS on "Karriereplanung für Nachwuchswissenschaftler*innen."

Member of , , and , and occasionally active on by StackExchange, under CC 3.0 BY and by GitHub, under SIL OLF.

Advising and Mentoring

Co-advised 17 M.Sc., B.Sc., diploma theses, term papers, and internships in the safety-critical systems area and 5 diploma theses in the general software and systems engineering area.

Current projects:

  • PhD: Shared Control in Autonomous Driving,
    candidate: A. McDonagh, co-supervised with R. Calinescu at UoY
Feel free to drop me a line for open topics!

Teaching (currently paused)

  • Summer'17: Seminar on software quality, focus on formal methods / tutor
  • Winter'17: Seminar on safety assurance of control systems, in English / organiser and tutor
  • Summer'16: Practical course on safety analysis techniques, in English / organiser and tutor
  • Summer'13 & '14: Course on modelling concurrent systems / tutor
  • Winter'12: Seminar on safety-critical software development / tutor
  • Winter'12: Course on foundations of program and system development / tutor
  • Summer'09--'12: Course on requirements engineering / tutor

Oldschool Stuff & Miscellanea

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